The Memorial Cube is one of a kind and designed to bridge and connect many generations.

The columbarium is situated in the Mourning and Memorial Park Tongerseweg Maastricht and offers a safe and dignified place to temporarily or permanently store the ashes of your loved one. 

You can insert or remove the spherical urn yourself via the Memorial App. The linked memorial page provides cherished reminiscences of your loved one.

Memorial Cube
Memorial Cube

Commemorate and remember

A moment of gathering and commemorating

We should cherish memories, especially when someone is no longer with us. The Memorial App enables you to share and save photos, videos, stories and other memories of your loved ones. 

Memorial Cube

Memorial Cube a unique method of ash preservation

Choosing a destination for the ashes can be an extremely trying and emotional process. The Memorial Cube can provide a suitable permanent or temporary option.

How it works

You select a spherical urn via our website, your funeral director or the crematorium. You collect the spherical urn at the agreed time and after you have reserved a time at the Memorial Cube (via the Memorial App), interment can take place with or without supervision.

With the Memorial App you can add memoirs, photos, film and sound to a digital memorial page. You can unhide this page to everyone or to a select group of people.

Download the Memorial App

The spherical urn

You can choose from a standard range of spherical urns. If you so wish, you can also personalize the spherical urn. You determine the colour and text that can be engraved on it. You can also opt for a spherical urn in the logo of, for example, your favourite football club or characteristic emblem of the city of Maastricht. It is also possible to add your own design.

Spherical urn
Placing the spherical urn

How to place the urn in the Memorial Cube yourself

You can reserve a time slot via the “Memorial App” during which time you wish to place the spherical urn in the Memorial Cube. At the reserved time, you take the spherical urn to the entrance of the Memorial Cube. After a few moments, the input tray will appear. You then place the ash sphere on the input tray, after which the ash sphere is automatically stored in the Memorial Cube.

The video below shows how it works.

How to remove the spherical urn from the Memorial Cube yourself

You can reserve a time at which you wish to collect the spherical urn via the “Memorial App”. At the time you have selected, you hold a special magnetic card at the entrance of the Memorial Cube. You will receive this magnetic card with an spherical urn. After a few moments, the input tray with the ash sphere will appear. You take the ash sphere from the urn tray, after which the entrance to the Memorial Cube is automatically closed again.

The video below shows how this works.


You can take  a look yourself during opening hours at Tongerseweg Maastricht Mourning and Memorial Park. Take a seat in a chair designed by architect Mathieu Bruls and experience in peace and privacy how the shade of the trees makes "the folds of the curtain" surrounding the monument seem to move. Walk around the square, discover our flower tables and experience this unique ash destination yourself.

Memorial Cube
Memorial Cube

An environmentally friendly columbarium

The Memorial Cube is an environmentally friendly columbarium, designed and built with a view to sustainability and environmental protection. Materials used are sustainable and it is energy neutral.

Memorial Cube

Trade fairs

Memorial Cube will visit a number of trade fairs in Europe in the near future. Below you will find a selection of upcoming events.

Frequently Asked Questions

View the most frequently asked questions below

Is your answer not listed? Please feel free to contact us.

How can I order a spherical urn?

You can order a spherical urn via our website, a funeral director, the crematorium or the city counter of the municipality of Maastricht.

Can I already reserve a place in the Memorial Cube?

You can reserve a place in the Memorial Cube at any time by completing the contact form below. We will then contact you.

I already have an urn at home and want to place it in the Memorial Cube. How does that work?

After you have ordered a spherical urn, you must indicate via the website whether you would like to fill the urn yourself or whether you would rather leave it to us. In the latter case we will contact you for this. Of course, you can also choose to order the spherical urn through a funeral director or crematorium and, if necessary, have it filled (and placed) by them.

What rental terms are possible?

You can choose 1, 5, 10 or 20 years. Extension is possible for 5 and 10 years.

How does the delivery of the spherical urn take place?

If you order the spherical urn from a funeral director or crematorium, they will make arrangements for delivery with you. If you order the spherical urn via our website, we will contact you to deliver it as quickly as possible.

What happens to the spherical urn when the rental period ends?

The entitled party will receive a message about this 3 months before the expiry of the rental period. You can then extend the rental period by 5 or 10 years. If you no longer wish to renew, an appointment will be made with you to remove the spherical urn from the Memorial Cube.


We are happy to help you

We are ready to help you with all your questions! Call us, email us or fill in the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Choose your spherical urn

Select period

When placing an order, we will contact you to coordinate everything.
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